Waiver / Release Form

I, as herein signed, release, acquit and discharge Lady Lash Professional trained professionals and or anyone affiliated with Lady Lash Professional including any partnership, corporations, or company associated with said individual from any claims or damages of any nature. I agree to pay cost of legal services necessary to further effect or confirm said release. I further agree that this release shall be in contemplation of any possible damages, either known or unknown at the signing of this waiver and release form, and said damages are specifically waived following the signing of this waiver and release form. I further agree that in the event a decision is determined in favor of one party or the other, the prevailing party shall be entitle to reasonable attorney fees and cost as set by the arbitrator. I further agree to hold Lady Lash Professional trained professionals and Lady Lash Professional nameless and harmless from any and all damages. I release Lady Lash Professional trained professionals from any responsibility for pre-existing conditions I have not revealed, or any consequential charges to those conditions that arises subsequent to the procedure. I understand that I am responsible for any medical treatment I may need to receive as result of getting this procedure. I accept full responsibility for any other complications, which may arise or result during or following the eyelash extension procedures, which are to be performed at my request.

I, the client herein signed, certify that I have read and had been explained to me and I fully understand the above waiver and release form. I certify that I have consulted with a Lady Lash Professional trained professional and have read all applicable literature give to me. I have completed the client confidential profile to the best of my knowledge. I accept the explanation of potential complication and risk described herein. I certify I am of sound mind, and I am fully capable of executing this waiver and release for myself. I, the undersigned client, acknowledge and fully understand that there might be other known, unknown risk not reasonable foreseeable at this time. I, the client herein signed, for the purpose of documentation, hereby consent to “before and after” photographs, which may or may not be used for the purpose of advertising.

As a reminder; to allow the adhesive to fully cure, avoid getting the lashes wet for the initial 24 hours following your appointment. Every time you touch your lashes, you are transferring natural oils and germs – PLEASE MINIMIZE CONTACT. Oils and Oil based products will weaken the integrity of the adhesive causing the lash extensions to fall out prematurely. Only water-based (Oil- free) products are approved.

Every 15-30 days approximately 1/3 of your lashes fall out. As each lash sheds, a new lash is replacing the old. During this time, general maintenance (or lash refills / touch up) appointments are necessary.

I, therefore, understand regular touch- up appointments (2-3 weeks) to keep my lashes looking beautiful. I understand that variables, including the natural lash cycle and customer care will influence the longevity of eyelash extensions.